About Disposable Tableware



Supplying Innovative Foodservice Products to Encourage Environmental Sustainability

Disposable Tableware is a locally owned & operated company specialising in eco-friendly, sustainable food packaging products, targeting to the needs of the food service, catering, and event industries.

At Disposable Tableware we pride ourselves in choosing sustainable products that have limited effect on our environment.  We have partnered with various suppliers to be able to offer the best eco-friendly products available in terms of quality, design, and composability.

We currently import a range of compostable Wooden Disposable’s which we distribute throughout New Zealand.

We are continually encouraged to be working towards making a difference and are amazed at the speed of change for the better in so many areas. We are striving for a sustainable world before it is too late – together we can make a significant change possible. 

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Sustainable, Biodegradable & Compostable

We take our commitment to the planet and our future generations very seriously. This is why, our tableware products are made from materials that decompose quickly. So go ahead and add them to your compost pile once you're done.

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Made with paper from managed plantations

Our products are sourced sustainably, from plantations that practise responsible forestry. This means your purchase will ensure the wellbeing of both the planet and the communities that depend on these local ecosystems.


Made using non-toxic inks

Since most of our products come in contact with food and other consumables, we make sure the inks used on them are non-toxic. This ensures safety and total peace of mind.



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