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With more people moving towards eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles, our wooden tabletop catering products provide an environmentally conscious alternative to plastic and metal disposables. Wood is a naturally biodegradable material that allows easy recycling and decreases our collective impact on the waste-management system and our environment. Using our affordable and quality products directly minimises the adverse effects of mass consumption on the natural world.

What Makes Our Selection of Wooden Plates and Bowls Different?

By offering our products in a wide variety of plant materials, such as BioCane, sugar cane, Palm Leaf, Vegware, and bamboo, you can choose the ideal products to suit your needs. Each material has unique features, such as different colours, textures, and shapes, lending a different mood. We offer the following disposable crockery:

  • Wooden plates. With our modern-looking Vegware square plates, you have the convenience of a disposable product with a luxurious feel, whereas our palm leaf plates offer a more rustic vibe. We also provide a few interesting shapes, with our single or double Palm Leaf oval and heart-shaped plates that will bring something unique to your dishes.
  • Wooden trays. For people who need to cater to larger parties or festivities, our catering food trays present the perfect servers for your confections. Easily noticeable due to their transparent viewing lids, these trays are made from sustainably sourced FSC™ certified paper and come in five sizes ranging from XS to XL.
  • Wooden tableware. We offer several plant materials, various bowls and dishes, matching the selection of wooden dinner plates. When serving several types of food, such as soups, salads, or saucy meals, our bowls can contain food without degrading or misshaping the contents. Be sure to pair our bowls and plates to mimic traditional dinner-set layouts usually seen at banquets or formal events.

Why Use Our Disposable and Sustainable Crockery?

At Disposable Tableware Ltd., we understand how much food waste and packaging enter and remain in our landfills for extended periods and the negative impact it has on the environment. We offer our recyclable tableware products in bulk, such as our BioCane compartmented round and flat plates. This allows offices and companies that wish to take a greener approach to the workplace to do their part easily.

For those who enjoy muesli and yoghurt in the mornings, our Vegware bagasse bowls offer you a deep and lightweight option. We make our products as convenient as possible, such as our platter dishes. After use, you can dispose of them without washing or transporting dirty dishes. Because we rely on plant-based materials to craft our products, it becomes valuable compost after use. Plastics and metals such as aluminium take years, if not decades, to degenerate and are one of the leading causes of pollution in our oceans and landfills.

If you want to decrease your impact on the natural environment, consider using our wooden serving trays in NZ to have your cake and eat it too.




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