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Very few businesses in the food industry remain conscious of where their takeaway containers could end up after use, but luckily you need not worry when using our eco-friendly takeaway packaging. By using environmentally conscious materials to craft our products, we can promote a greener industry while also serving our loyal customers and their culinary needs.


We employ plant-based, carbon-neutral materials such as FSC™ Mix certified paper and PLA when crafting our products, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint without compromising quality. Instead of relying on traditional packing materials such as non-biodegradable plastics or aluminium, why not serve your foods in something less permanent and detrimental?


Some of our food containers for takeaway include:
  • Cardboard food containers. By lining cardboard with PLA, a plant-based plastic, our containers do not lose their shape or become soggy, enabling easy transportation without spills. Several of our card containers, such as the compostable Kraft and BioBoard cartons, boast transparent windows for easy viewing.
  • Takeaway plastic containers. Although it might seem like non-biodegradable plastic, we use plant-based plastics that are compostable and recyclable. With the same look but with less impact, we offer our BioCane bowls in a range of sizes and shapes. Some of these include: 280ml, 480ml, and 630ml bowls, as well as 500ml, 600ml, 750ml, and 1000ml rectangular bowls.
  • Takeaway food trays. We offer our BioBoard trays in five different sizes, from XS to XL, allowing you to play around with food presentation and transportation. By supplying our products in bulk, we help you prepare sufficiently for your next catering event without worrying about how you’ll serve your culinary delights.
1000ml rectanular

Why Use Our Biodegradable Takeaway Containers?

Whether you run a restaurant or catering service or operate as a food vendor at events, our eco-friendly plastic takeaway containers are up for the challenge. Even though our products are suitable for any meal, we also offer special shapes for specific foods. Among our selection of specialised packaging, you have the option of our Green Choice corrugated hot dog boxes, burger boxes with convenient and reliable closing tabs, Kraft sandwich wedge and window wrap boxes, as well as easily assembled Vegware pizza boxes. Made specifically to conform to the shape of the foods in question, these containers are attractive and practical, and convenient. By changing how you serve food to your customers, you directly encourage a greener service industry, showing others that food packaging is as important as the food itself. Only by adopting eco-friendly methods can we collectively reduce our impact on nature, our waste disposal system, and the recycling industry. By making it easier to reuse materials, we encourage a cyclical consumption process. Rather than settle for outdated packaging materials, consider using our Vegware, BioCane, Sugar Cane, or BioBoard cardboard food boxes in NZ and make your business more socially conscious.