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Takeaway food and catered events have become the norm in our society. Food containers and table presentation are often key to running a successful business in the food industry, particularly for corporate catering. Often the angle is more important than the food because the latter is always the best tasting in the region. Responsible tableware that impresses guests and reduces clean-up time should be high on any serious restaurateur and caterer’s list. Our wooden food containers and tableware tick all the right boxes for your patrons and guests.


We sell only the highest quality wooden takeaway containers, wooden cutlery and disposable plates manufactured by responsible companies and sourced from managed plantations. All items are food-grade certified and do not react to hot foods, keeping the taste as the chef intended. The emphasis is not just on biodegradability, but also on the compostable tableware for use in the garden.


Look at Our Disposable Takeaway Containers

Did you know that you can replace nearly all rigid takeaway containers with natural, bio-degradable plant-based containers? The takeaway industry generates several tons of waste each year through the use of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS or “Styrofoam”) in coffee cups and burger containers. EPS is recyclable, but it is a complex process, so very few recycling centres are equipped for the task. Plus, anything in Styrofoam tastes bad.

Let us supply your drive-through or coffee kiosk with a range of competitively priced, bio-degradable food containers that are strong and add value to your image, including:

  • Boats, cones and cups are the ideal containers for a variety of foods, including chips, chicken nuggets and grilled prawns. The wooden cups are perfect for serving your secret dip at tables. The disposable cones, boats and cups are made from white pine with an approved, safe coating. Various sizes are available, making it easy to regulate portions.
  • A variety of wooden food trays of various sizes create the ideal ambience at renaissance fairs and corporate barbecues. Patrons can load up with all the food they desire, knowing that the biodegradable tray is quite sturdy. There is also no need to hunt for errant plates when the do is over, because all the plates and cutlery are disposable and biodegradable.
  • Our wooden veneer boxes are designed for the premium presentation of prepared meals and can be sealed with a transparent bio-plastic lid. Rectangular, square, and round boxes of various sizes are available, creating ample space for a large portion of rice, fish pieces and a cup of sauce.
  • We also have several bio cane containers with lids available. These containers are ideal for the more juicy, saucy and greasy foods – hot dogs and lamb curries – and can be popped into the microwave for a few minutes for reheating. Available in natural and white, with a matching lid or a transparent ret lid.
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Bio conscious Options for Restaurants and Caterers

It is not only the takeaway food industry that benefits from our extensive range of disposable wooden containers but also those involved in events, special functions or restaurants. Creating the right atmosphere is always critical to success, with our range of wooden tableware setting the bar for healthy living.

  • Wooden disposable plates of various sizes are ideal for main courses, side dishes and managing portion sizes. The plates are made from bamboo, palm leaf or bio cane, creating the right setting for the guests to enjoy their food. The plates are fully biodegradable, removing the unsavoury chore of washing dishes – just chuck them in the composting bin with the food scraps for use in the vegetable garden. Choose between round, square, rectangular, heart-shaped and a plate with compartments.
  • It is sometimes prudent to use wooden cutlery in NZ for family functions, which will stop possible feuds and that overwhelming urge to count the silverware. We stock forks, knives, spoons, sporks, skewers and chopsticks made from quality birchwood and bioplastic. The disposable wooden spoons are definitely a more impressionable utensil than the cheap plastic spoons that bend with the first scoop of muesli.
  • The tables at the wedding will be well balanced by using our range of platter boards and bowls, all made from biodegradable materials and immediately compostable in the garden. However, should you opt for more artistic wooden bowls by supporting local artists, then our wooden plates and cutlery will still complement your table decor.

Disposable Tableware is Good for the Environment

Get rid of those flimsy paper plates in NZ and serve your guests using disposable wooden plates that are sturdy and available in different shapes and sizes, avoiding food drops or accidents. Cutlery can be presented pre-wrapped in a napkin or taken from a cutlery box, wooden and are also disposable.

Don’t delay in making your food business as biodegradable as possible; just enjoy the benefits and prestige offered by our huge range of wooden and bioplastic tableware.




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