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We ship a wide range of high-quality disposable cups in bulk across NZ for the catering, hospitality, and food service industries. Our cold cups range is perfect for serving cold beverages, sauces, takeaway desserts and more. We pride ourselves on offering sustainable products to help you run a more eco-friendly business, and we support environmentally responsible plantations and suppliers.

Paper Coffee Cups

Our single- and double-walled disposable paper cups come in unique colours and patterns, and our Art Series range features designs from talented local artists. We choose cups that use non-toxic, environmentally-friendly inks for their prints with a thick paperboard structure for better insulation and a sturdier build.

Paper cups are an eco-friendly option in line with New Zealand’s new single-use plastic ban. We stock cups from Vegware, BioCup, and Castaway – leading manufacturers of commercially compostable and biodegradable coffee cups in NZ. Our paper cups come in packs of 500 and 1 000 and are available in the following sizes:

  • Small: 120ml
  • Regular: 230 – 280ml
  • Medium: 340 – 390 ml
  • Large: 450 – 510ml
  • Extra large: 640ml
16oz creative collection

Plastic Coffee Cups

We stock a range of cold cups made from PET – a common material used to manufacture clear plastic cups in NZ. PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate. It is a strong, lightweight, flexible, and clear plastic perfect for holding water, iced coffee, soft drinks, fruit juice, and other cold beverages. PET cups are 100% recyclable, and their lightweight structure means less packaging weight and less fuel required to transport them long distances.

PET products also fill the need for reusable plastic cups in NZ – they are water and solvent-resistant, allowing you to wash and re-use them. PET cups do not contain phthalates or BPA; you can repurpose them as storage containers, plant holders, birdfeeders, and more.

Disposable Bio Cups

Manufacturers make these disposable cups from a bio-plastic called PLA. This type of plastic is not made from petrochemicals or their by-products and has organic sources, such as sugarcane or corn starch. It uses less energy to manufacture PLA products than traditional plastic containers that are 100% recyclable and industrially compostable.

PLA plastic is easy to mould into almost any shape and can be used on its own or as a film for paper cups and other containers. PLA is best suited for cold cups as it may melt when exposed to high temperatures (above 80°C). We stock PLA containers from Vegware and BioCup – leading manufacturers of eco-friendly disposable coffee cups in NZ.

Applications for Our Disposable Cups Range

Whether you’re looking for a takeaway cereal container or a disposable coffee mug in NZ, our high-quality paper and plastic cups are versatile and easy to use. Our product range is best suited for the food service industry and includes the following containers:

  • Coffee cups
  • Sampling and taster cups
  • Dessert cups
  • Sauce containers
  • Plastic tumblers and cocktail cups
  • Smoothie and cold beverage cups

Our plastic cups are ideal for catering at glass-free events, offering supermarket drink samples, market research product tastings, food stalls, and takeaway restaurants.




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